Alex Lototzky-Barramundi Bbq Bbq Designed For Wood Fires

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(Excerpt) Interview with Alex Lototzky : Frank Scott: What has been your main focus in designing this work? Especially what did you want to achieve?. Alex Lototzky : I love to barbecue and I seem to share this passion with many around the world. My fascination lead me to contemplate the essence of grilling and what cultural role and origin it has in our society. This lead me to consider the evolution of the tools that are used in BBQing. The market is packed with a seemingly endless array of possibilities to ‘cook outside’, the apparent common thread running through them all. Gas, electric, charcoal, even solar just to consider heat sources as criteria. There are just as many form factor variations as well: kettles, lidded gas grills smokers, tabletops,..... A truly staggering array. The more I considered it all, the more I came to the belief that this explosion of barbecuing hardware has dragged the essential idea of grilling away from the origins: Man with his meat and a fire. The modern barbecue party can bee seen as a re-enactment of the male bonding, post hunt euphoric ritual of cooking ones catch over an open wood fire. Today it may be accompanied by alcoholic beverages, and the brutal hunt preceding it is now outsourced to the local butcher, but otherwise all the hallmarks of the primeval re-enactment are there. This lead me to ask why have we gone into such a technologically loaded direction with this essentially primitive and simple activity? We do crave the new and fashionable gadgets with the latest ‘bells and whistles’ in whatever we pursue as modern man, but have we been lead astray by marketing hyperbole? I guess there would be nothing wrong with this if there was true benefit and advantage. But a nagging fact remained: there is a real and obvious compromise being made. There is no real arguments that anything but a pure wood fire simply cannot give you that truly sought after smoky flavour that we hold so synonymous with the idea of ‘barbecue’. Charcoal grillers would argue this statement but would grudgingly need to concede that they do not achieve that smoky flavour to any real degree when compared a skillful cook and a real wood fire. It is here that I began to distill what is most probably the true cause of our evolution to the huge, feature packed outdoor kitchens we call modern barbecues. Simplicity! The design of the Barramundi BBQ ran with the mandate to simplify grilling over open wood fires. The focal points in the design were: Performance - The product simply had to do a great all round job of cooking over wood fires. Simplicity - The product had to be brutally fast and easy to assemble, use and disassemble. To achieve this I worked solely with metal slotting and gravity to bring all 7 pieces together to complete the overall structure. Size - It had to be as small, and portable as possible while being as flexible as possible in relation to the fire container. Though I could not help to have a preference toward the wide variety of modern firebowls as the base container. Lastly, and.[ End of Excerpt: Read complete interview with Alex Lototzky on Barramundi Bbq Bbq Designed For Wood Fires at ]

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