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There Are So Many Awards For Ads, But What About Ads For Awards, Here Are My Picks From a Prime Design Awards

The A' Design Award & Competition published their latest ads campaign for the awards, here are some of my favorites from the campaign. My absolute favorite is the It's Hard but the It's Science creative is equally well done. All the graphics were done by their in-house design team, so for me that is more than okay as creative ads. Check them out below. Just in case the text would not be so readable, I am also typing the ad copies below.Ad Copy (It's Hard): Yes, it is really hard to enter yet alone win A’ Design Award. So many questions asked, so many images wanted. So true. It’s hard. Sorry. Yes, our presentation guidelines are 42 pages long. Yes, we want to truly know everything about the entries before showing them to jury. Yes, we want the award jury to judge the entries based on their quality instead of their presentation. Yes, we want to know any and all technical details plus your inspiration before voting. So, yes it is hard. Sorry. Ad Copy (It's Science): The A’ Design Award is the Worlds’ first scientifically developed design award and competition program. Through extensive research and strict analysis of thousand prior design awards, contests, accolades, medals and competitions, as well as ethnographic observation, participant surveys and statistics, the A’ Design Award & Competition was designed and created as a synthetic design awards program that aims to bring forth the highest benefit for its participants: Fame, prestige and international publicity.Ad Copy (Risk Not): The A’ Design Award is more safe. There are 13 big risks you face when joining design competitions, we came up with a list and a strategy plan to eliminate each such risk. Read our methodology pages or search for “Risks of Entering a Design Competition” to learn more. Ad Copy (Numero Uno): The A’ Design Award is the Worlds’ most international design competition as well as the first ever design award that is open to all creative disciplines. We have many firsts. We have World Design Rankings, an in-house PR Agency to promote winners, the first ever 3D printed metal design award trophy, a special content syndication network, and the very rich, coveted, A‘ Design Prize that includes everything a laureate could even dream for, amazing but true, we even own the as if the archaic accolades couldn’t have afforded it. We understand new media, we perceive communication but most importantly we get the needs of our participants and that is why our laureates are Numero Uno.Ad Copy (Robots Can Join): The A’ Design Award is the World‘s only design award open to generative designs. Generative design is a design method in which the output such as image, sound, architectural models or animation is generated by a set of rules or an algorithm by using a computer program or robot. Most generative design is based on parametric modeling. Generative design is a fast method of exploring design possibilities used in various design fields such as art, architecture, communication design, and product design, and the A’ Design Award & Competition has a special category for parametric and generative designs, so yes, Robots Can Join.Ad Copy (Universal): The A’ Design Award is the World‘s most international design award. Each year the A’ Design Award receives design submissions from almost all countries, and truth be told there are winners from more countries than you can potentially count. The award jury is truly international, composed of members coming from seven continents from across the globe. Given its unique position as the World’s most international design award, the A’ Design Award annually publishes the World Design Rankings as well as World Design Business Insights. Ad Copy (Well Thought): The A’ Design Award is a manifestation of what designers wanted for a competition. What designers need? Not a mere opinion, but a solid fact we learned by surveying thousands of designers is as follows: A) Fame, Prestige & Publicity: %52, B) Idea Realization: %20, C) Job or Business Opportunities: %14, and D) Self-Improvement: %14. Thus, we designed the A’ Design Award from the very begging as a tool that provide designers feedback to improve their work, as a proxy to channel job or business opportunities to winners, as a way to connect designers and companies to bring realization possibilities but most importantly as a significant communication tool that provides fame, prestige and publicity to award winning participants through extensive PR services, prominent award identity and international spread. Ad Copy (Collaborators): At A’ Design Award you will find more collaborators than competitors. Most design awards and competitions allow only a specific sub-set of the population to make similar entries within a few restricted categories, thus almost all entrants of such competitions are competitors of each other. At A’ Design Award however, there are more than hundred categories, open to a wide variety of partakers such as media members, product manufacturers, service providers, brands, architects and designers from forty disciplines. This great variety ensures that at A’ Gala-Night you would meet more collaborators than competitors. For example a furniture designer meets an interior designer who meets an architect who meets a building developer who meets a landscape designer who meets a press member. We call these chains as cooperative circles, and each year we ensure winners from diverse award categories with same interests come together to make even better projects. Ad Copy (Don't Beg): The A’ Design Award does not make their participants beg for votes. Many competitions make their participants beg for votes, you know them, you remember them when your friend sends you an email asking to for vote an entry. Pathetic. The reason why such competitions make participant beg for votes is usually because their marketing teams want to go viral. Yes, competitions who make you beg votes for your design are like virus, avoid them. At A’ Design Award we respect our participants and their work, all entries are judged by a grand jury panel following strict evaluation guidelines and pre-determined evaluation criteria without making the participants beg for votes. Don’t beg for votes. Ad Copy (Get A' Rocket): If your traditional publicity is running when others are walking, achieving the A’ Design Award is like riding a rocket. Get a rocket already. Let us run a great PR Campaign for your good designed products and services. The gala-night invitation, yearbook publication, exhibition space, the award trophy, design excellence certificate and life-time logo licensing are all free for awardees. Come on board.Ad Copy (Great): When you put A’ Design Award winner logo on it, any product could look better. Brands worldwide compete with their best concepts, products and services in order to get Platinum A’ Design Award which is given to top 1% entries that received the highest score from the international jury panel. Entries are anonymously judged, peer reviewed and voted on pre-determined criteria to ensure a fair evaluation.Ad Copy (It could have won): The A’ Design Award is universal. Anyone with a creative idea can join. With a great design, it could have won really, the A’ Design Award & Competition is open to entries in all creative categories without limiting the participant profiles. Any one above legal age or any type of legal entity can enter a project, and the jury has no idea whose design is being voted for. Furthermore, jury members cannot influence each other as seen in other competitions. This is important, well because for example jury does not know if they are voting the design of a famous designer, a famous brand or your work, all the entry process is anonymous to ensure there are no favoritism or nepotism. Ad Copy (More Pain More Gain): More Pain More Gain : Yes, true the A’ Design Award is harder to join let alone win, but the prize is of the most excellent type and quality. For international fame, prestige & publicity, join now: http://www.adesignaward.comAd Copy (Can't be in to Win): Think outside the box, join the A’ Design Award. It is an act of valor to submit a crazy idea, do it. A’ Design Award is open to all types of innovative ideas, featuring more than hundred design, art, architecture, creativity and engineering categories where you can literally submit any of your works. There are no entry restrictions, nor a specific brief or prerequisite that your idea must fulfill to compete - except for a superb presentation and communication of the idea so that the jury could understand your idea perfectly and judge it fairly. Let your imagination run wild. Don’t let others limit your vision. Unleash your idea. Think outside the box, join A’ Design Award.Ad Copy (You Don't Shout): We got it for you. Our PR team will shout in dozens of languages, in thousands of locations and will whoop for you if you win the A’ Design Award. You don‘t shout. The A’ Design Award & Competition is the only design accolade which translates award winning works to multiple languages in addition to running an extensive global multilingual PR and publicity program to feature and promote our winners worldwide. Our shout, includes but not limited to press release and press kit preparation as well as distribution, pitching media worldwide, custom designer interviews, media placement and much more. Ad Copy (No to Weapons): Submit any idea or concept for A’ Design Award consideration but No Weapons. The mission of the A’ Design Award & Competition is to advance mankind through design. The A’ Design Award was especially established to create incentives for designers, artists, architects, engineers, manufactures and brands to come up with superior products and services that benefit society. The A’ Design Award aims to expand the frontiers of science, design and technology by creating a global awareness for design, and by promoting designers who demonstrate diligence and intelligence in their work, in all creative fields. With respect to our mission, we accept all types of innovative ideas, concepts, products and services for awards consideration in over hundred different competition categories. Yet, however we do not accept weapons for award consideration. No Weapons. Ad Copy (A' > a): The A’ Design Award offers much more than a design award or competition. The A’ Design Award Winners’ Kit is called the “A’ Design Prize” and it includes among others 3D Printed Metal A’ Design Award Trophy in Black Luxury Box, the annual yearbook which is available in both digital and hardcopy versions, printed design excellence certificate in metal frame, award winners manual which helps you get more out of your award status, free gala-night invitation for two people to the award ceremony, free participation and space allocation in the winners’ exhibition, plus online gallery inclusions as well as physical exhibition, free sales listing platform subscription to sell your idea or products, free utilization of design mediation services, inclusion in sales network, proof of creation service, free subscription to publicity services, free listing at the design store, guaranteed publication through syndication networks and our magazines, inclusion in design interviews, press release preparation and distribution, publicity and visibility through media communications, feedbacks, judging and evaluation of entries by a respected jury panel, lifelong licensing of the award winners’ logo, poster design and printing for exhibition, and many others such as inclusion in the World Design Rankings, and translation of award winning works to other languages. + MORE!Ad Copy (Beautiful): The A’ Design Award trophy is truly beautiful. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze & Iron. Regardless of the award level, each laureate gets the truly beautiful A’ Design Award trophy which is 3D printed in metal and presented in a luxury black box. Some even wear our trophy as jewelry, while many keep it as a memorabilia to remind them of their great achievement. Don’t mind the model on the left, she is not wearing our award trophy since it is only given to distinguished designers, artists and architects. Instead, check out the “Design Prize” section at A’ Design Award to see how our beautiful trophy looks like.Ad Copy (Serious Fun): The A’ Design Award is an international juried design competition. It is enjoyable to participate in the A’ Design Award and it is a great joy if you could win; well because your know your entry is judged equally without favouritism by a world class expert grand jury panel of established designers, prominent academics and influential press members who rigorously follow strict evaluation guidelines, anonymous judging methods and pre-determined entry scoring criteria to peer-review your designs. Exerpt:The A' Design Award & Competition published their latest ads campaign for the awards, here are some of my favorites from the campaign. My absolute favorite is the It's Hard but the It's Science creative is equally well done. All the graphics were done by their in-house design team, so for me that is more than okay as creative ads. Check them out below. Just in case the text would not be so readable, I am also typing the ad copies below.Ad Copy (It's Hard): Yes, it is real..

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