Self-Promotion For Designers

This Article Provides Several Tips to Help Designers Promote Themselves and Their Work

1) Share what you are doing, your latest work and works in progress, document and share your activities on design with your audience, your audience can be your friends or consumers or those that have registered to your newsletters or people who added you on social networks. Sharing your work with people will keep them in the loop, and remind them of your name, build your brand slowly but surely.2) Join or create a social circle for your design, join a design association or business club. You know who benefits most from any organization? Mostly the organizers since they do the hard work to organize the event, they could favor their own work over other work or give more time to themselves, be more on stage or in front of cameras. Organize a design event and highlight yourself. Maybe a meeting, maybe an exhibition.3) Contribute to existing conversations on design, contact or comment when possible. Do not stay idle when you see some serious design talk going over the place, you need to be an active participant of design debates just to let your name out in the public, however beware the idiots and trolls, do not engage in fights. Whenever possible contribute by constructive feedback.4) Self-publish and start first conversation on your work. Self-publish means writing something somewhere, wherever it is does not matter so much, but it could be blog articles to social network comments to compilation of your comments or even books by you. Try to write a book, who knows better than the person who writes a book? Mr. Nobody. Start writing a design book today.5) Hang out with designers and talk about the designs you like, provide comments and testimonials about others works. Learning what other designers like could help you discover new trends or could give new insights for your work. If you improve your own work, you could get more publicity as well as acceptance for your own work, or you can just think about it, try it once, no need to do design the way others like, but remember design is not just art, it must also have great function so what people say could matter.6) In addition to professional work crate crazy work that could attract attention even if it would look amateur. I always think there are two kind of work out there, one the vitrina work, the type of products that stores and shops feature in their glass fronts, these works sell perhaps less but they attract the people who pass by to check other products that are perhaps more professional, and thus more boring and more suitable for any space. Create something crazy as well as the boring professional work.7) Take your chance and experiment with new design forms and ideas, share these experiences. Indulge in your deepest fantasies of crazy design work, try to see whether these crazy work could attract the attention of the press. So to attract the attention of the media, first crazy design work, then press pitching is required. Design without advertising it is no design, you need to advertise the work as well.8) Be a lifelong learner and discover new communications channels to disseminate your work. Where do people share their work? Are there portfolio platforms, social channels or networking circles that could help you spread your news? Find these and join them. Find about where to publish your work, where you want your work to appear. For example try gifting some of your works to museums, then send this as an article to press, say your work was placed in a museum.9) Create a story for your work, explain its inspiration and creative process, a good story can increase the sales price of a design or artwork significantly. Get the Design as Art book by Bruno Munari today published as part of Penguin Classics, and read the chapter about the Orange. Afterwards, create that kind of Orange that Munari explains, think about that very deeply, it is truth in simplicity.10) Keep sharing and keep your audience engaged, it is not just enough to do one great work, you need to keep doing great works, or you need to keep telling new stories about your work, where it is getting featured, new exhibitions, what is happening, as written earlier, the more you talk, the more people have to listen, most people are really bored about their life, at least let them read your design news on social media instead of terrible real news on tv or newspapers. Be enthusiastic when you share your news.11) Control and filter what you share; try to be selective and focus more on the works that you wish to feature. Focus more on sharing your progress, process and the works, no need to mention anything else that does not relate to your work. If you want to talk about something unrelated to your work, make a twist in story such that it is about your work and how you got your inspiration. Do this always.12) When explaining your work, talk about its past, present and its future. So, past is about how did you design it, what materials is used, what was the inspiration, how it got produced etc. Present is about where people could buy it, what other people are thinking about it, the market reception etc. Future is, what will be the next model or improvements or color options available, future events or places to see the work, or future work based on this work.13) Write about design, your niche and industry to become an authority in that field that people could read and follow, explain processes and provide guidelines, best-practices and tips. I already wrote you that you should self-publish, but the topic should be about the design and your niche. You need to do very good research to write a book, with good research you will improve and become a better designer on the way. So writing a good book on design actually makes you a better designer, suitable to write a book, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.14) Listen your audience - clients, customers, consumers and press and capture their feedback and preferences, follow trends and capture them as well, synthesize feedback and trends to create original products and projects that are coveted. You cannot know what everybody wants, but everybody knows what they want, but mostly they would not say it, sometimes they do and when they do, be sure to get their ideas written down.15) When you share your work and promote yourself you will got great comments as well as negative ones. The best strategy to deal with negative comments is first to note them so you could improve, then to ignore them so that you can keep going without getting entangled in a debate. Do not give in to hateful and jealous commenters and their bad psyche who could be trying to intimidate you. Ignore trolls as well as the useless people who always give negative comments. 16) Turn opportunities to business whenever possible, art or design, you will need money and resources to do greater work, you might need time, time is money, you might need experimentation of forms or projects, and prototypes are money. So, focus your self-promotion efforts also on self-sustenance, try to achieve at least a neutral balance for your promotion efforts. Try to use good publicity channels that have high bangs for your buck.17) Engage in advertising, marketing and sales techniques, for example do press releases, campaigns or promotions, and buy advertising space to promote your work, product, project or service. You need to make sure that people know your product, project or service somehow. Do not confuse self-promotion with free promotion, self-promotion also costs money. Start with the smallest budgets possible and try different options, never spend all your budget on one media.18) Expand your audience, who else can you reach and where is your audience at? Discover new people and mediums to communicate your work. Try to think based on your work or products, where your works could be placed, where your products be used, who can be reached, where is the new generated headed for news and content? Appear in new media whenever possible and be a star of something.19) Keep up marketing as well as constant development of your work, people are greedy for what is new and fresh, so you need to make new works, and new advertising for the new works, and keep renewing your portfolio, being trendy is as important as being ability to develop contemporary products or work that can stay evergreen, but remember press would more likely to publish new work rather than old work, because news by definition is new.20) Join a design award, win an award every year and communicate your victory to your audience. However not all design awards are equal, join the A' Design Award for example, the address is and the A' Design Award provides a series of public relations and marketing services to the award winning designers to promote and publicize their work to press and potential buyers.Exerpt:1) Share what you are doing, your latest work and works in progress, document and share your activities on design with your audience, your audience can be your friends or consumers or those that have registered to your newsletters or people who added you on social networks. Sharing your work with people will keep them in the loop, and remind them of your name, build your brand slowly but surely.2) Join or create a social circle for your design, join a design association or business club. You kn..

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