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This is a personal Brand Strategy and Identity Project. BlackDrop is a chain of stores and brand that sells and distributes coffee. BlackDrop is a personal project initially developed to set the tone and creative direction for personal freelance creative business. This Brand Identity has been created for the purpose of positioning Aleks as a trusted brand consultant in the startup community. BlackDrop stands for a slick, contemporary, transparent startup brand that aims to become a timeless, recognizable, industry-leading brand.

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Cut and Paste

This project toolkit, Cut and Paste: Preventing Visual Plagiarism, addresses a topic that can affect everyone in the design industry and yet visual plagiarism is a topic that is seldom discussed. This could be due to the ambiguity between taking reference from an image and copying from it. Therefore, what this project proposes is to bring awareness to the grey areas surrounding visual plagiarism and position this at the forefront of conversations around creativity.

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Graphic reduction and precision characterize the visual identity of the brand Wolffstrunk. The graphically reduced figure of the wolf functions as a basis for the visual appearance and as a new design mark within the corporate design system. Added to the figure of the wolf is the stylized shape of a drop. The reduced design mark follows the trend towards a simplified use of forms. The corporate design includes the design and concept of a composite mark, business documents, bottle labels, posters, postcards and a brand book as well as a short website animation.

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Woonwaard is one of the largest housing corporations in the Netherlands with a large number of social rental homes. Our DNA program showed that the new identity had to be modern, yet serious, and radiate peace and serenity. The identity also had to represent the diversity and inclusiveness of the tenants and the positive aspects of renting. The designers also wanted the organization's passion to shine. The result is a unique colorful identity system, which plays an important role for the diversity and inclusiveness of its tenants.

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Dimension in the Shadows

Black paperboard is carried out laser cut precisely, come out 12 pieces of differently designed monthly calendar cards, mounted each one in a slit of wooden cube. Each abstract object represents a scene or a moment in changing seasons in Japan, but regardless of age or nationality, inspire people free imagination. It is worthy for observation as a paper sculpture, perceive a sharp outline attractively at back light. In every moment, the casted shadow forms various shape different from the paper itself according to the light come in, add a little entertainment in everyday scene respectively.

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Curridabat Ciudad Dulce

The design emerges from the vision of the local government called Ciudad Dulce (Sweet City); its purpose is to promote a positive experience for all citizens, by seeking inspiration in nature. Hence, it is from nature that this liquid brand arises; it is built from shapes in repetition, patterns, organization, and structures present in the natural environment, just like honeycombs. These patterns support a flexible, vivid and easily identifiable visual system that helps the brand connect with a wide variety of audiences with which it interacts.

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