Visual Communication Strategies For Design Awards and Competitions

This Article Discusses The Steps and Order of Developing a Visual Communication Strategy For a Design Award or Competition

A major step in realizing a good design award or competition is designing the visual communication guidelines and platform interface to provide consistency and required professionalism to the event. The Visual strategy covers the following elements: <Cropped>

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Print Design Awards

Printing Is One of The Key Mediums by Which Hundreds of Thousands of Items of Communication Are Carried Out Throughout The World

Printing is one of the key mediums by which hundreds of thousands of items of communication are carried out throughout the world. Over the years, the print design industry has advanced to unimaginable heights this has been motivated mainly by the adv <Cropped>

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Arundhati Subodh Sathe-Depiction Reception Stage

At Design Interviews

Interview with Arundhati Subodh Sathe : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Arundhati Subodh Sathe : Depicting Roman Architecture was the basic idea behind the design. .Frank Scott: What has been your ma <Cropped>

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Lollipop by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Lollipop Tongue Cleaner For The Kids

The lead designer of the awarded design Award Winning Lollipop Tongue Cleaner for the kids illustrates, Lollipop is a tongue cleaner for kids. The kids tongues are where millions of microorganisms live and causes not only emitting a strong malodor, b <Cropped>

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Retro Design Awards

Call For Submissions to Retro Design Awards: Worlds Only Design Award and Competition Open to Submission of Entries That Were Realized or Designed At Least 10 Years Ago

The Retro Design Award is a very unique design competition appealing to senior designers, established design studios and design teams who have been in the design business more than 10 years. The competition is open to entries in product design, graph <Cropped>

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Mona Hussein-Ripple Applique

At Design Interviews

Interview with Mona Hussein : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Mona Hussein : The ripple applique was inspired by raindrops when steadily observed and how they propagate and contrive a sequence of cir <Cropped>

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Waterline | 12th International Design Contest Trieste Contemporanea 2016

The Contest Ask You to Find a New Idea and Object About Life, Work and Pleasure On Water in Europe! Designers From 24 Central Eastern European Countries Are Called to Submit a Project of An Original Item of Contemporary Design. Organized by 1995

The contest ask you to find a new idea and object about life, work and pleasure on water in europe! designers from 24 central eastern european countries are called to submit a project of an original item of contemporary design. Organized by 1995.

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Fuorisalone 2016-Technology-Driven Innovation and Design

2016, April 13. The Tortona District Is Home to The Exhibition of Some Solutions That Will Influence The Habits of Our Future. The Technology Will Offer Us a New Way to Draw, Drive and Even Perceive Reality With The Sense of Sight

Via Tortona it is one of the centers of Milan Fuorisalone 2016, with the annual appointment with the design of each area and country. My intention is to just get to understand how the will anticipate the future technology and innovation, not accordin <Cropped>

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Award Winning Dynamic Traffic Cone Roadblock, Lighting, Reminderlight

The School of Industrial Design in Lafa Designs The Dynamic Traffic Cone Roadblock, Lighting, Reminderlight

The School of Industrial Design in LAFA, the lead designer of the displayed work Roadblock, lighting, reminderlight by The School of Industrial Design in LAFA explicates, By considering of low-lighting roads always have more traffic accidents, the te <Cropped>

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Entries Wanted For Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware Design Award

The a Design Award & Competition Is Looking For The Very Best Designs For Their Category of Furniture, Decorative Items, Homeware and Decor

By registering your design, whether it is still in the concept stages, or is currently under production, you could gain worldwide recognition from designers, producers, and manufacturers around the globe. Entering the furniture design award competiti <Cropped>

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